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Eye of the Storm

22. března 2011 v 20:42 | Skatulka |  Skatulčin koutek
Trocha steampunkové dokonalosti.

New world

20. března 2011 v 21:16 | Skatulka |  Skatulčin koutek
Vymýšlím si kompletně nový svět, a chtěla jsem po kamarádce vytvořit postavu. Pokud to ještě neudělala, tady jsou nějaké informace...přiznávám se, trvalo mi to.

Je to hlavně jenom anglicky, přijde mi to jednodušší než v češtině...kdo to nepřečte, má smůlu, je to stejně hlavně pro mě a Anežku.

A short history of nearly everything: (btw, it's the name of a really good book mapping the history of the intelligent ape) I imagine the world as our own somewhere in the future, where humans discover habitable planets and send colonizing ships to each of them. The journey takes tens to about a hundred years, and the collonists are supposed to plant bacteria, plants and some animals on each habitable planet and then either die or get back. After a long time, the technologies are better, allowing people to travel to the nearest planets in about a year. Scientists found that on some of the "seeded" planets, the plants have survived and made them more like our own which got overcrowded. On those, the Company made scientific stations, laboratories and suchlike, to make room on Earth for living, and to conduct experiments on the adapted life forms that evolved from the seeded ones. Eventually it is the hope of humankind to move to some of those planets permanently.

I focused on one of those "seeded" worlds, a planet called Chrona (name may change...something with time...) It's about half the size of Earth, but denser - the gravity is about two thirds or three quarters of Earth's. Yay! You can fly! No!!! You can't !!! Climatically it's about the same as Earth, with one sun, two moons - one large and one tiny, four seasons, three continents and an awful lot of ocean. Here comes the problem. Chrona also has two larger islands, which continue to resist colonisation. They still have the original vegetation on them and Time on them seems to be messed up. Every human, plant or animal eventually either prematurely dies, or goes insane on them, and every destroyed original life-form appears to grow back. Whatever. There is more ways in which the planet is "cursed," but I won't go into details.

There is a base on one continent - a complete research facility, with labs, a small city to house the workers, and two small outposts elsewhere. This is the only planet which has a recommended time you spend on it - it's said that a human can stand up to 10 years without going mad, and the standard time is about 5 years, after that scientists have to sign a paper proclaiming that it's their free will and if they go mad it's not the Company's fault.

"My" characters are part of a team researching the two islands, making short, harmless trips, and leaving before aquiring any damage worse than a bad hedache. they are a group of the Company's most crazy and strange employees, on the account of not being suceptible to the islands' power because of being mad already. Whatever...

Ludmilla: Based on me, my fursona and my second, third, fourth and etc. me. She is a chemist, and is as confused as a lost puppy and as mad as a scientist. Likes to read, do experiments and daydream. Is a bit absentminded, and likes labcoats not only because they have large pockets to store stuff in. Some of the stuff in her pockets will bite if removed. She specializes in biochemistry, likes studying bacteria, and has some as pets. Has problems of her own with Time. Yes, exactly like me when I have an important appointment. Drinks tea and eats chocolate a lot. Doesn't like maths. Asocial, introverted and quiet, but among friends she is much more open. Reliable, if she remembers not to forget.

Guy whose name will probably be Lester: The most versatile of the group, he is a chemist/physicist, who knows a little about a lot. Likes to annoy Ludmilla, and she likes to annoy him. Beginning of a relationship? Likes action films - especially the new Be There® technology- and metal music from the 21. and 22. century. Nobody really knows much about him, except for maybe Ludmilla. Usually cheerful, but certainly has things he wants to hide.

My sister's character Sam: A chemist too clever for his own good, remembers things in fragments, often useless. Is a genetic freak, likes making new creatures and studied mutations in animals. Forgets a lot - also thinks pockets are useful. Sometimes can't remember what he is doing or where he is going. Always carries a pencil, can draw really well - documents his creature-creating. Has messy hair. is confused but not chaotic. He has his own order. Loves boards - blackboards, whiteboards, the cork things...he has them all in his room. Forgets his way home, but has good instinct - if he's drunk, desperate, drowsy or semiconscious he'll do something or go home and then wonder why and how. Has a green plushie with big eyes that he likes. Is childish. Is afraid of (burning) candles. Only drinks from his purple mug. Goes to sleep late, like all of them except for the accountant. Sometimes, when he tries to be friendly, he doesn't realise he's being used or manipulated. The team members try to protect him from that.
Kiki can change or add more info.

Arthur: An accountant assigned to keep a diary of the team's missions and to keep them from costing the Company too much. He quickly adapted to the strange colleagues by developing a second personality. The first him is as boring as an accountant can be, with a passion of adding up and subtracting numbers. Very precise and factual, loves order and organisation of everything. His second self is a romantic person at heart, loves adventure, freedom and writes poetry. Uses the diary to express his artistic self. Is always happy to ruin the other one's attempts at tydiness by writing poems in the margins and giving a three-page description of a beautiful, yet useless detail. Is generally more accepted as part of the team. Both have wonderful observation skills.
I drew him, as well as some of the others. He looks too much like Arthur from Inception, although it wasn't the original intention. That's how he got his name.

The Professor, still without a name: A botanist, with a personality you would expect from one. Introverted, patient, quiet and happy to study the same old plant for weeks. He is also an expert on genetical engineering of plants, and the reason he is with the team is that he objected to some gen. en. methods the Company used, and got cleared out of the way, with a big chance to go insane, how convenient. He has your typical mad scientist visage - gray messy hair, small posture, glasses and an absent minded smile. Keeps to himself. Is the oldest member, aged around 70. Mumbles to himself, even while sleeping. Comes from what has become of the Czech Republic, like Ludmilla. Yes, czech people are smart.

Franklin: A mathematical genius, likes maths, logic, programming computers that are becoming more and more complex. His passion is building programs to program other programs, robots, and programs for robots. His greatest achievement is a robot capable of learning, and developing a personality. It is his best friend, with a similar "brain" and computation capacity. Drinks way too much coffee.

A yet unnamed Soldier: A soldier, also assigned by the Company, to keep the team safe. There is not much things to keep them safe from, so the team is guessing his job is to keep them from poking their noses in things the Company doesn't want them to. He is bored (no fighting), permanently irritable and drunk, cynical and pessimistic, but the researchers like him and have him as a sort of mascot. He enjoys virtual reality simulation games (fighting), weapons, and good food. He supports the nuclear apocalypse theory, and says that it should have happend long ago. Although he is employed by it, he doesn't like the Company, and sides with the team. Looks like a soldier should, with longer hair, muscles and a smirk.

A Girl: More of a woman Lol, but I still think of her as a girl, since she is the chatty, cheerful thing that evokes a carefree schoolgirl. She is the team's geologist, but also studied psychology, so was hired by the Company to watch over the crazies and in serious cases hand them over to the hospital. Is a bit too happy and optimistic for her own good. Although she is a psychologist, has a hard time keeping secrets - is useful to the Company. Is blonde. The team doesn't trust her, most of them are too shy and suspicious. Except for Arthur, who sometimes enjoys her company. She likes rocks, but not as much as gossip. After a while with the team, she started being a bit more guarded, doesn't talk as much and is a bit more accepted.

If you wonder what the Company is, the team members do too. It is an organisation that seems to own, manipulate and tax most of the known scientific world. Very secretive, yet involved everywhere.

Sorry for my comments - the small text. I couldn't resist, sometimes. And if my english seems weird, it's because I'm tired. Imagine what my czech would sound (look) like....

Příšerný věci

16. března 2011 v 12:34 | Andalusian |  Filosofický koutek
Ano, přinutila jsem se napsat článek na týden, co tu nebudu. Nevěděla jsem o čem a na otázku "Co mám napsat?" jsem dostala odpověď "Nevim, nějaký příšerný věci." Takže budu improvizovat. Když už se tak ten článek jmenuje, mohla bych se zmínit o věcech, které považuji za příšerné.
Začněme Facebookem. Ano mám ho, ale ne, nemám ho ráda. Mám ho kvůli fotkám z akcí a chodím tam jednou za uherský rok. Je to hrozně návykový a já se zoufale bráním vytvoření závislosti. Mimochodem, Skatulka pužívá ten samý profil, co já, protože trvá na tom, že Facebook mít nebude.
Tak přejděme dál...
Justin Bieber. No comment. Prostě je divnej. Vypadá o deset let mladší, než je (Mimochodem, kolik mu je?) a zpívá jako přiškrcený křeček. Taky mě docela dostala reklama na Bravo, kde byl Bieber vyfocený se Selenou Gomez a byl pod tím titulek: "Selenu chce někdo zabít. Justin se jí snaží ochránit.". No tě pic.
Tak, co vymyslíme dál...
Á, ano, už vím. Někteří učitelé. Upřesním, jenom někdy a jenom někteří. Náhodou jsme na učitele měla štěstí, ale nemůže to být stoprocentní. Angličtinářka si ze sebe nechává dělat srandu, informatikář je divnej a dějepisář je ...! Ale zas tak hrozný to nebude.
A hned mě napadá další příšerná věc...
Anglická slova převedená do češtiny. Jako správná češka mám ráda svůj mateřský jazyk a angličtinu (jako druhý skoromateřský jazyk) mám taky ráda (i když je hrozně primitivný, ale tím líp), ale kombinovat se to prostě nedá. Ano, když se bavím se ségrou, střídáme jazyky pomalu za každou druhou větou, ale každé slovo má svůj význam a taky svůj jazyk. Věci typu kompjútr, lowískowat, výrazy z anglických her na počítače... mě prostě vytáčejí.
Seznam by mohl pokračovat dál a dál, ale přeci jen je asi víc věcí, které mám ráda. Sebevrah ze mě nebude. Copak bych mohla dobrovolně odejít ze světa, ve kterém jsou koně, knížky a čokoláda?

Jaro je tady, a tak pojedeme lyžovat

11. března 2011 v 20:59 | Andalusian |  Filosofický koutek
Tak jsem zase tady. Obávám se, že název článku mluví za vše. Dlouho mrzlo, bylo hnusně, zataženo. V posledních několika dnech se obloha krásně vyjasnila a dopadly na nás první jarní paprsky, přestože jarní rovnodennost teprve přijde. Dnes sice už tak nádherně nebylo a dost foukalo, ale přesto se znatelně blíží jaro. A my pojedeme lyžovat. To taky znamená, že se tady chvíli neukážu. Ne že by to byla velká změna, ale aspoň je to o důvod navíc přidat sem tenhle článek. Možná napíšu ještě jeden, na přidání v průběhu týdne.
A když už je tenhle článek tak hezky zařazený v rubrice "Kecy", tak jich tam pár přidám...
Zjistila jsem, že máme ve škole, konkrétně v učebně dějepisu, satanistický koš. Nic zvláštního, jen má evidenční číslo 666, ale na zasmátí je to dobré dost. Nějak jsme se o tom zmínili cestou ze školy s kamarádkami a zrovna jsme některá řekly něco jako "satanisti se najdou všude", když těsně kolem nás prošel nějaký malý chlapeček a se správně posedle šíleným výrazem tak nějak divně vykřikl, nebo snad skoro zasyčel a při tom se na nás zle podíval. Pak prostě šel dál. Pochopitelně jsme se neubránily záchvatu smíchu.
Doufám, že vás to pobavilo a teď už asi skončím. Mějte se tu ten týden hezky, užijte si mojí nepřítomnosti a třeba někdy na shledanou.

Webové stránky

6. března 2011 v 22:32 | Skatulka |  Skatulčin koutek
Kamarádka-spolužačka o které jsem už psala se mimo kreslení zajímá o vytváření webových stránek. Požádala mě abych se zeptala jestli někdo náhodou nějaké nepotřebuje. A proto že toto jsou taky webovky, i když hodně primitivní, a už dlouho jsem sem nic nenapsala, tak se ptám tady. Ovládá několik programovacích jazyků, včetně PHP. A umí moc hezky kreslit, i když to spolu úplně nesouvisí.

Kdo by měl zájem, navštivte www.tarakau.deviantart.com, nebo www.i-eat-choco.livejournal.com, nebo to napište sem a já to nějak zprostředkuju.
Uděláte mě i jí radost.